Solution Benefits

MedAware’s solution saves lives, improves patient safety and significantly reduces healthcare costs resulting from prescription errors and adverse drug events. The solutions that are currently available on the market for detection of prescription errors rely on databases and pre-defined sets of practice guidelines and rules. These systems have been developed for a limited range of medication decision support, such as drug-allergy checking, automated dosing guidelines, and identifying drug-drug interactions. As a result, they provide a partial solution with limited coverage of the potential errors.

MedAware’s solution presents the following advantages:

  • High error identification – identifies and prevents more prescription error types than any other solution, particularly drug mix-up and patient mix-up.
  • Low “alert fatigue” – false alert rate is lower than 10%.
  • Fully personalized – response is based on the patient’s specific data.
  • Self-learning – no a priori rule-set that limits, by nature, the errors it can capture.
  • Self-correcting – model is automatically and continuously fine-tuned based on physicians’ responses to alerts.
  • Low maintenance – no content updates with associated lag-time and costs.
  • Significant cost reduction – eliminates unnecessary hospitalizations and re-admissions, as well as excessive hospitalization length of stays.



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