A Conversation with Israel’s Minister of Health

MedAware Meeting Israel Minister of Health

Contributed by Dr. Gidi Stein, CEO and Co-Founder, MedAware

Prescription-related medication errors are associated with high morbidity and mortality, which can have a profound impact on costs to the healthcare system.  These easily preventable mistakes injure and sometimes fatally harm, hundreds of thousands of patients every year.

Following our recognition as one of the winners in the “Leading Healthcare Initiatives in 2017” contest (sponsored by the Reboot forum and Globes magazine), we received an invitation to speak with the Israeli Ministry of Health (MOH) Rabbi Yaakov Litzman. We happily accepted this offer as we are passionate about the topic of patient safety.

This week, I sat down with Rabbi Litzman and his senior team, who are committed to adopting and applying cutting-edge technologies to improve public health and patient safety. During our conversations, we discussed the huge problem of prescription-related medication errors and possible approaches that would help prevent adverse drug events (ADEs), and catastrophic mistakes on a national scale. With ADEs being amongst the most common medical errors, we are encouraged by the MOH’s interest in our solution for eliminating completely avoidable prescription-related medication errors and look forward to future conversations with Rabbi Litzman and his team.

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